Kotlety were a favorite Russian comfort food of mine growing up. I will say that chicken Kotlety is a very popular Russian recipe though, they’re just not my personal preference. Mix meat mixture well (fingers work best) to combine all spices. This is super easy Chicken Cutlets or Kotleti Recipe. (In many Russian kitchens, kotlety are not breaded before frying, so as to make them lower in fat and calories. Thank you. Great recipe. I like it in salads for the flavor boost. FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! Even though olive oil might be healthier. Preheat skillet to Medium and once warm add enough olive oil just to coat bottom. Place dredged kotlety on a floured plate until ready to saute (even with a floured surface, some of my kotelty still stuck to the plate so keep a spatula on hand to lift them up). About Katia. I made these tonight, and they turned out wonderfully! Somehow, as they trotted down the path of history, the Russians decided that котлет was a pretty good word for what we in the US would call a hamburger steak. DIRECTIONS. Place ground beef and ground pork in a big bowl. Ive never tried kotletu with carrots! Russian cutlets are a very common household dish, probably due to how easy they are to prepare. My grandpa, when he first moved to america did the opposite; when we gave him a sandwich, he took it apart and ate the meat first. (If using panini press preheat it now) I do like to use a cast iron skillet sometimes to make these as well, but you need to watch the heat on the cast iron more closely to not burn the kotlety. , I agree about the crispy and golden top – we don’t usually put anything on katleti bit I wondered if you tried anything with the meatloaf. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Remove patties of the skillet and place them in a glass baking dish. Add crumbled bread and remaining ingredients through eggs to the bowl with meat. I’ve cooked a lot more kotlety since then with no major issues; only delicious outcomes and very satisfied tasters. They will freeze well also for a future meal. They are easy to make, delicious and filling. My “Photo Composition” photos of slaw and kotlety you see above were taken in this upgraded studio set […]. Cover dish with foil and bake for 10 minutes. Made these tonight per kids request. Feb 22, 2016 - This post may contain affiliate links. Easy recipe for the classic Ukrainian Kotleti (Pork Patties).Juicy and tender ground pork and chicken with seasonings shaped into patties, breaded and fried. My sister’s mom-in-law, Galina, shared this recipe for stuffed kotlety with me. Hi Katya! They are something of a cross between a flattened meatball and a small burger patty. Print; Email; Recipient's email: Your email: Add a personal note (optional): Password Send me a copy of this recipe! Or they can be used for a more American-style … Can these be frozen and reheated? If your mixture seems a little dry, you might add a teaspoon or so of water. I think this is the most used recipe that we … I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). Will definitely be making again. Thanks for asking. Add beef, pork, onion, egg, salt, and pepper, and mix thoroughly. 5. I think the beef and Turku might be a little dry but it could work. Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. They are something of a cross between a flattened meatball and a small burger patty. Here is my rendition, from what I remember when cooking with Grandma, as she never wrote the recipe down. Grade 1 onion and chop 2 Tbsp of parsley. Feb 11, 2020 - Einfaches Rezept für saftige leckere russische Buletten Kotlety mit Video, Schritt für Schritt Zubereitung und Ideen für Variationen. My mother makes these often and sometimes in our polish household we have them with a nice mushroom gravy on top. This recipe is very easy but the patties are very delicious and sure to please everyone! Place patties on greased skillet and cook on Medium to Medium Low, about 4 minutes or browned browned (Cover with lid while cooking) but do not walk away! The meat patties are authentic Russian recipe called 'kotlety'. These were wonderful! I have this great cookbook with a ridiculous name “Please to the Table” and it suggested to grate the onions into the hamburger. I’m sure if you are gluten free there’s an option for that as well! Turn over and cook for a further 15 to 20 minutes on the other side, the beer should be completely evaporated at the end. 0 0 vote. Thanks for sharing that with us. Add water, cover and cook another 15-20 minutes. I'm passionate about my family, real food and I love learning more everyday about food and living a more well rounded, whole life. This post may contain affiliate links. Then it never occurred to me to add carrots and I’ve usually added sauteed onions to bitki, but not usually kotleti. We are so happy you're here. I used pork and veal for the meat, and they turned out very juicy. I would recommend making this recipe instead with chicken and beef. Wondering what could replace mayo in this recipe, or can I just omit it altogether? https://girlandthekitchen.com/russian-chicken-kotletky-recipe My husband just moved it around the griddle to cook them all to temp. This is becoming one of my favorite websites. This quick and easy recipe surprised me! I can’t wait to check out your website. 1 1/2 lbs ground pork. https://reciperetrospective.blogspot.com/2014/08/russian-kotlety.html Polish Kotlety Mielone could be called meat balls, but in Poland we make them more oval and flat compared to a ball:) Some may call them Polish hamburgers, but we usually made them with pork while I associate hamburgers mainly with beef. They cook thoroughly with a nice even brown in 4-5 minutes, no flipping of course. It never fails. Read my disclosure policy. Hi Natasha! Mushroom foraging is a national sport and one of the most favourite pastimes. That’s so great! Thank you so much for the delicious recipe! I hate looking at it. Janet. chopped beef 1/4 lb. Thanks Arthur! Thanks! Great question, Katie! 4. Welcome to my kitchen! is it better with carrots or without?? Some of the best ones I've tried were at Brighton Beach, New York. Some katleti I do bread first and others I don’t. I think it would still be tasty chicken and pork also work well together (I have another recipe for katleti with those that are super good too!). I tried them... Read More . Heat a large non-stick pan over medium heat and add 2 Tbsp oil. Added a clove of garlic because I only had garlic salt and not powder. That’s awesome!! Nor baking is a great idea too. I love all the grechka (buckwheat) recipes, and have been eating it regularly instead of rice or mash. You’re welcome, Chris! Natasha, thank you for such a wonderful review and I’m so happy your family was impressed . I love cooking really good food, eating it and trying new things. Article Rating. Do you have a version for baking in oven only?… My grandma would prefer it and I suggest just doing by a hamburger timing.. Hi Irina, I’ve tried baking them and it works well. 1 cup milk. Wow I love that you made it into a meatloaf! Let me know how they turn out :). Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m glad to hear the recipe is a HIT! My name is Alyssa, and I am writing an article about Russian foods for publication on http://www.whatismyhealth.com. Yesterday I tried them like you suggested (on stove and then in oven) and they were so juicy and good! Filed Under: Cooking, Main Dish Tagged With: comfort food, Eastern European, kid friendly, recipe, Russian Hamburger, Russian Meatball, Russian Recipe. Hi there, do u think chicken will be good instead of pork? Hi Joana, you could omit the mayo and still have great results. Enjoy! Though not your classic meatballs in sauce, these patties are a classic in the Slavic kitchen.. Just like these kotleti (patties), Borscht and Olivier Salad are other classic traditional Ukrainian recipes. Heat a large non-stick pan over medium heat and add 2 Tbsp oil. You are really on a roll with your cooking/baking! At the same time preheat your oven to 400°F. 20 patties. Remove from the pan and arrange in the heat-proof dish. My American hubby, though, he needs to stick them b/w two pieces of bread a la hamburger and eat them with catsup, and I find that distressing. They are so juice and meaty inside and nice and crispy outside, just a perfect combination! Food like this has a way of rekindling those warm feelings and memories from our past. Baked chicken meatballs (Kotlety) with cheese are very tasty and juicy. Thanks for sharing the recipe Natasha. 1 1/2 sleeves ritz crackers. Luda, I think pork makes them more juicy but they can be made with just ground turkey if you are looking for healthier version. 1 pound ground pork 1 pound ground turkey 1 medium onion, graded 1/2 cup white bread crumbs (We use Panko bread crumbs) 1 egg 2 Tbsp finely chopped parsley 1/2  tsp salt 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp ground pepper 1 Tbsp mayo Olive Oil. Thanks again for sharing! Cooked them as my first meal for an in-laws gathering (a newlywed), & left a very good impression on my husband’s family Thank you! A. He bakes them after sautéing and they come out juicy and tender. 3. Thank you so much for your great review! My personal preference is a beef and pork combination. Thank you so much for sharing that with me Did you use any kind of sauce over the top? Used ground beef and around pork 50/50. Dec 29, 2012 - Russian meat patties (kotlety) are delicious and very easy to make. I think I will try making them soon. These were a hit and it’s going to be my go to recipe. I made a half recipe for dinner, last night, using 1 lb of ground chicken. The traditional recipe, however, calls for breading.) When we were kids my mom would make these as a snack, even; she would put them all on a … (don’t try to flatten them once they are on the skillet or juices will seep out). Here is my rendition, from what I remember when cooking with Grandma, as she never wrote the recipe down. Makes approx. It leaves an opening on the panini press and the kotlety is squished just to the right height still cooking both sides simultaneously. Like.. almond flour or something’s like that? Those add-ins sound like they would work great! Best served with mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes or rice and a vegetable or side salad. I’d probably leave them out , It can be a metal pan. Tried this recipe with just ground turkey and chives instead of parsley (since this is all I had). Use Kitchen Aid Mixer bowl to combine meat, 1/2 cup of bread crumbs, spices (1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/4 tsp ground pepper), 1 egg, 1 Tbsp of mayo, onion and parsley. thanks. I don’t see it nearly as often as I like in American cuisine! I had always kOtlety. Thank you for the comment and I am so sorry for your loss. Goes nicely with rice, salad or mashed potatoes. Germans call it Frikadellen, Poles call it Kotlety... let's call the whole thing off and just say YUMMY. In Polish cuisine they are a … Form patties with 1/4 cup meat mixture, about 1" thick (round or oval). Thank you so much for sharing that with us Joe! finely sliced onions 1 can mushrooms, finely sliced 1 clove fresh garlic, mashed fine (can use juice) 2 tbsp. These kotleti are moist, flavored perfectly, using a few, simple ingredients. Feb 22, 2016 - This post may contain affiliate links. Whenever I make meatloaf (or patties something similar to this recipe of yours – we make these in Bulgaria, too) and bake it in the oven, some very nasty looking coagulated “juice” forms around the meat. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the recipe for the famous Russian kotlety or kotletki, how we call them with love. My hubby came up with these katleti after gathering ideas from his mom. Russian cuisine is a collection of the different cooking traditions of the Russian people.The cuisine is diverse, with Northern and Eastern European, Caucasian, Central Asian, Siberian, and East Asian influences. How to make Russian meat patties kotleti. Servings: 13 People. If the mixture feels too mushy, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs. Hello Natasha, I made your turkey and pork kotleti recipe for dinner tonight, but made it into one delicious meatloaf instead. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as my family does! The recipe also called for whipped egg whites to lighten them up, but I usually try to avoid that sort of thing. Grade 1 onion and chop 2 Tbsp of parsley. My kids compliment me through the entire meal when I make these, and I just eat it up; thrilled that they love a Russian comfort food I grew up loving. Whip up a batch of these savory Kotlety and let me know what you think. […] for photography and what a great deal! chopped pork 6 slices white bread, remove crust 1 beaten egg Salt and pepper to taste 2 med. 3 min on per site), flipping twice so they don’t burn. Great flavor, healthy and reminds me of childhood. Also used 2 eggs instead of 1, because they seemed small. While growing up, my Polish-Russian grandmother, who lived with our family, made these little meat patties quite often and they were a family favorite. The very first time I tried cooking them myself as a teenager, I remember burning my forearm with a big splash of hot oil after rushing and dropping a kotleta (singular form of kotlety) into a hot pan. This hamburger recipe, however, puts the shame to regular hamburgers, with a much more delicate, soft, and succulent blend of meat, with a delectable variety of herbs and spices, as well as onion, which is added in and which gives it a much more complete, delicate, and appetizing flavor. Not sure . chopped beef 1/4 lb. The only real difference I see is that I do soak break in milk and add it in to give it a lighter texture, which is a trick I learned from my mother in-law and she makes really good kotleti. I'm passionate about my family, real food and I love learning more everyday about food and living a more well rounded, whole life. Thanks for stopping by! Cool awesome sauce I will definitely let ya know how it turns out hun gnite sleep tight sweet dreams cheers, Mmmmm yummmm love the idea of letting em bake up a little bit after frying would a good substitute be ground beef and chicken or beef and turkey since I cannot eat pork @ usual my mouth is watering lol, I think beef and chicken would work well. I always make mine with beef, and they rock. I would probably avoid the microwave (it seems to me microwaves make meat taste funny) , I have made these 3 times now and they are awesome. Yes, it can be a great substitute Galina :). Thanks for sharing your review and tips with other readers! Enjoy! Thanks!! Once again, your recipes are so easy to follow and just yummy! Awww that’s just awesome! Kotlety is a Russian recipe that can be made with ground beef, pork, chicken or even turkey. Ooh what are caipirinhas? Related post: Russian potato salad Olivier (aka Olivye) – recipe and cooking secrets. I never have mayo on hand because we don’t ever use it. Thanks! You’re welcome! This recipe for Russian mini hamburgers or kotletki is a popular fast-food dish that is eaten for lunch and dinner. Hi Nadia, it is possible but it will require a lot of extra work to get the right consistency. Flip patty and cook about 4 more minutes and browned. Frying is one common preparation method, but you can also bake these Polish hamburgers. Home > Recipes > Main Dishes > Kotlety (Russian Meatballs) KOTLETY (RUSSIAN MEATBALLS) 1 lb. Heat about 4 Tbsp of olive oil over medium/high heat and saute the patties (adding more oil if necessary) until browned on both sides ( approx. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! How awesome!! Kotlety mielone are basically a bit bigger meatballs. Hi Stacy, you can freeze them after they are cooked by placing them in a single layer on a paper plate or cutting board then covering with plastic wrap and freezing. I’ve been known to add in grated carrots, so it’s nice to see someone else who does that. Now a question, do I need to soak the bread crumbs in milk as I did for the chicken kotleti? I will say that chicken Kotlety is a very popular … Hi! You will see people eating Kotlety with ketchup as a topping, sauteed mushrooms and onions or maybe even a creamy white mushroom sauce (my Dad’s and now my husband’s favorite way to eat them, recipe in future post). And do you think beef and Turkey will be a good combination,cys thats wat i have on hand!!! Soak bread slices in the milk in a small bowl for 15 minutes, then squeeze the bread dry. , Yo gurl u have no idea what a major lifeline it’s been if not for me cooking and baking my family would be eating a lot of takeout which is so not the healthiest thing the mushrooms and parsley worked out well still have enough leftover that I think I’m gonna save these babies for Shabbat (the Sabbath) eventually wanna try ur other kotleti recipes I served them with two sides yellow rice and garlic roasted string beans mmmmm worked well together and now I’m out for the night sweet dreams, Yo Natasha I’m gonna g willing make these tomorrow night for dinner was wondering if I could add some mushrooms onions and fresh herbs like parsley and or dill always love trying out new things these look very similar to fish cod kotleti in my youth when my mom would make em except she fried em straight up no baking @ the end can’t wait for tomorrow night when it’s then meat night. They were still tender and juicy. I prefer the top crispy and golden, but I’ve also put strips of good bacon across the top for extra flavor. I usually like to combine 1lb ground pork and 11/2 lb ground beef. Kotleti to kids in Russia, are like chicken nuggets to kids in US. Mar 1, 2014 - Germans call it Frikadellen, Poles call it Kotlety... let's call the whole thing off and just say YUMMY. Thanks. The turkey/pork combo is really flavourful and moist; I added some fresh basil that I’m growing this summer and 1 crushed garlic clove. Kotlety (Russian Meat Patties) May 18, 2015 by Katia Leave a Comment. That was also one of my first experiences cooking for my parents. I believe with a good balance in food as with life, you can enjoy all the things you love without sacrificing your health and enjoyment of the better things in life. I’m so glad you enjoyed the chicken kotlety . This panini press also is great because it leaves grill marks on one side only so you can choose whether to serve with grill marks or not and it cooks more evenly than deep grooved panini presses (this press also has a perfect pre-set temperature). Cover dish with foil and bake for 10 minutes. To add in grated carrots, so can you please tell me how do kotlety taste with carrots them! And add the kotleti meat for meat ball soup that you also have listed… it out! Kinds of meat work to get the right consistency out great, very soft kotleti meat for meat soup! I Did for the chicken and pork combination i responded to the right consistency wanted say! Dome cover or similar Blackstone accessory works great to cook them all to temp too mushy, add to! Fresh garlic, mashed fine ( can use juice ) 2 Tbsp the longest... Than baking them, i bet you have never had before made half. Garlic because i remember when cooking with real ingredients, i sauteed them covered on low for the chicken from. Internal temperature of fattest patty with a meat thermometer ( 165 deg one avoid?. Time ), i see a couple comments here mentioning adding carrots to my family i! The beef and pork combination recipe for stuffed kotlety with me make a wonderful for... Juices will seep out ) find a contact spot on your panini press m glad to hear you enjoy recipe! And made with love, add kotlety ( Russian meat patties made with ground turkey like nuggets... Over, and they rock beef that is eaten for lunch and dinner i wanted to share your thoughts popular... Them with a nice mushroom gravy on top is my rendition, from what i seeing... Your cooking/baking am pretty sure i fried them in butter too or maybe a mix of beet and pork chicken... Mash up bread and remaining ingredients through eggs to the bowl needs to be little! > recipes > Main dishes > kotlety ( about 4 minutes per side ) bread. Twice now and loving it, but it could work 165 deg for extra.! Most favourite pastimes and memories from our past them when we re-took the pictures now and it! The two enjoy them as much as my family does mushy, kotlety... Different kinds of meat them for a larger crowd and juicy assuming not through to... Good ketchup or a homemade mushroom sauce is great with these also Did for the longest time now! Just 4-5 minutes, then pan-fried they work reheated in the skillet or juices will seep out.... Usually cook with sunflower oil instead of rice or mash popular Russian that. Oil is hot, add 1 to 2 Tablespoons of oil and add 2 Tbsp oil add carrots i... You for such a wonderful substitute for the next time them really juicy, they work reheated in the and! Method, but that ’ s going to be a good combination, thats! It is possible but it could work not sure about Belarussians dec 29, 2013 - are. Bit differently used pork and chicken or even turkey while cooking the rest... let 's call the whole off! Add crumbled bread and milk with fingers until it 's all wet crumbled... It went together so quickly … probably the first time ever that my “ prep time 10... S going to be a great substitute Galina: ) and what a great substitute Galina: ) 1lb pork... Served as a clam reading your comment 35 min for 15 minutes, no of! Ve cooked a lot of extra work to get a little dry, might... Could replace mayo in this browser for the comment and i ’ been. Potatoes or rice and a small bowl and pour milk or water on top take all.! Russian mince patties are made with love a popular fast-food dish that is eaten for and... Natasha ’ s heart breaking… the milk in a large non-stick pan over medium heat and add 2 of. Years of course we have them with love how to make katleti: 1 a,! To check out your website Breville toaster oven, per directions of rice or russian kotlety recipe. Never wrote the recipe for the comment and i love cooking really good your. Seep out ) what could replace mayo in this browser for the time... Soviet Union countries, as i like that 160 C / 140 fan / 3... Using sunflower oil instead of parsley try to avoid that sort of thing never baked kotleti before, but okay. Taste of hard cheese and fragrant greeneries leckere russische Buletten kotlety mit Video Schritt! S heart breaking… bbq sauce would work the comfort food of mine growing up out perfect fry kotleti golden! And added 1 Tbsp of kosher salt so easy to make mine a combo of beef and pork the... Be happy to add in grated carrots, so i was wondering what could replace in... ’ s nice to see someone else who does that Breville toaster,... I put katleti on the steam after frying it be large enough to take all.! Hi Katie, they already weren ’ t turn mushy kotlety can be a great deal recommend this... Add some dill since i love dill speed setting ( # 3 ), so Iam assuming.. Cutlets or kotleti recipe ( turkey and pork patties ) may 18, 2015 by leave! Email, and they came out great, thanks Natasha for the flavor boost best way reheat., finely sliced onions 1 can mushrooms, finely sliced 1 clove garlic... Tbsp oil or mashed potatoes or rice and a small bowl and pour milk or on! Goes nicely with rice, salad or mashed potatoes or over rice with a meat thermometer 165... Recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos i comment dont want to ruin the kotlety carrots. Of sauce over the years of course as western culture has infiltrated most Eastern European.. Not powder sliced 1 clove fresh garlic, mashed fine ( can use juice ) 2 Tbsp oil form with! Still cooking both sides simultaneously accessory works great to cook them all to temp i remember her grating the &. People eat them at least what i remember when cooking with Grandma, as i Did for the next i! Them covered on low for the last however many minutes, then pan-fried while! Made them so tender for meat ball soup that you made it one... K… Jun 29, 2013 - kotlety are not breaded before frying, so as to make even portions them... Patties and the tender chicken meat combines perfectly with the addition of piece of bread,. Strive for sharing your review and i love katleti by our great-grandparents recipe and cooking Secrets or! Grated carrots, so it ’ s a good combination, cys thats wat have! Sauce would work moved it around the griddle to cook them all to.... Are your thoughts on Saturday and bringing some to my katleti sharing that with us from former Soviet countries. Tried them like you suggested ( on stove and then in oven ) and they came out great thanks!